A new interlock system for the TESLA RF-system

Joachim Kahl, S. Choroba, T. Grevsmühl, N. Heidbrook, DESY, Hamburg
H. Leich, DESY, Zeuthen

The RF system for TESLA requires a comprehensive interlock system. Usually inter-lock systems are organized in a hierarchical way. In order to react to different fault conditions in a flexible manner a non-hierarchical organisation seems to be better suited. At the Tesla Test Facility (TTF) at DESY we will install a non-hierarchical interlock system based on user defined reprogrammable gate-arrays with embedded microcontroller systems. This system could later be used for the TESLA linear collider instead of a strict hierarchical system. We will introduce the non-hierarchical interlock system and give an overview of the consequences for the RF system.

Presenting Author : Kahl J.