The TESLA RF System

S. Choroba, DESY, Hamburg, Germany

The Tesla project proposed by the TESLA collaboration is a 500 to 800GeV e+/e- linear collider with integrated free electron laser facility. The collider is based on superconducting cavity technology. ~20000 superconducting cavities operated at 1.3GHz with a gradient of 23.4MV/m or 35MV/m will be required to achieve the energy of 500GeV or 800GeV respectively. For 500GeV ~600 RF stations each generating 10MW of RF power at 1.3GHz at a pulse duration of 1.37ms and a repetition rate of 5 or 10Hz are required. This paper describes the layout of the entire RF system and gives an overview of its various subsystems and components.

Presenting Author : Choroba S.