Development of the new CTF3 Klystron-Modulator Controls Interface System

B. Bartholomé, P. Fernier

The actual LPI Klytron-Modulator local control system is based on a 15 years old CERN development and uses components that are no longer supported by industry. The new system controls policy is to use as often as possible industrial elements that are purchased with a defined lifetime guaranty. These control elements are integrated with the equipment they are going to control and also to the overall accelerator controls scheme, and are well distributed within that system. In the new design, the local control interface is based on using a PLC (Siemens) having analogue and digital input and output signals that handle the slow changing of the equipment. Additionally, to enable acquisition and interlocking of fast and short (micoseconds) duration signals that are also present in the modulators, a pulse surveyor protection and monitoring system is being develped at CERN. This will be connected to the PLC trough to PROFIBUS network. This paper will describe the local control system interface hardware and software development and its use with the CTF3 Klystron-Modulators.

Presenting Author : Bartholomé B.