5th Modulator-Klystron Workshop
for Future Linear Colliders

CERN, PS Division, Geneva, 26-27 April 2001


AMS Technologies
Lilco Ltd.
CML Engineering Sales Inc.
Marconi Applied Technologies
Diversified Technologies Inc.
F.u.G. Elektronik GmbH
Pulse Power and Measurement
General Atomics
Spinner GmbH
Hivolt Capacitors Ltd.
Rittal AG
High Voltage Technology
Thales Electron Devices
HVR International Ltd.
Valvo Bauelemente GmbH

, founded in 1982, ranks among Europe’s leading distributors of high-tech components and systems. Headquarters are in Munich/Martinsried, technical distribution offices are located in Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland and Italy. Our partners are global technology leaders that develop innovative products and systems for specialized applications in high-tech environment. Today AMS Technologies comprises five technology divisions – CompuTech Division, Fiberoptic Division, OptoTech Division and ThermoTech Division, and the Electronic Division which sponsors the Modulator/Klystron Workshop.
The Electronic Division provides components and solutions from the areas High Voltage, Pulse Power, High Frequency and High Reliability .

Our partner company in sponsoring this workshop is General Atomics. GA and its affiliated companies comprise one of the world's leading resources for high technology systems development and nuclear technology. GA specializes in diversified research and development in energy, defense and other advanced technologies, many for environmentally sensitive applications.
With deep historical roots in nuclear technologies, GA carries out the largest and most successful fusion program in private industry. The company has been the primary developer of modular helium-cooled nuclear power reactor systems, and its TRIGA® research reactors have operated around the world for over 40 years. GA and its affiliated companies also manufacture, operate, and service state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft (UAVs), and provide information technologies, nuclear instrumentation, superconducting magnets, systems for hazardous material destruction, and many other products and services for government and industry.

is a manufacturer of high power microwave components for use in particle accelerators, high power radar systems and similar applications. Our products include RF Windows, Waterloads, Circulators & Isolators, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Arc Detectors, Vacuum Waveguides and similar items. Our products operate at RF frequencies from 500 MHz to 26 GHz with power handling up to 100 MW peak and 1.5 MW average. CML Engineering also represents selected manufacturers of high power microwave and millimeter wave components including, Titan Beta Components Division, Calazabazas Creek Research, as well as Advanced Energy Systems, a manufacturer of particle accelerators and accelerator subsystems.

Founded in 1987 by MIT graduates, Diversified Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets the patented PowerMod&Mac250; line of solid-state, pulsed power modulators and switching power supplies. The PowerMod&Mac250; line is employed worldwide as a key component in particle accelerators, semiconductor fabrication, and next generation metal surface treatment. The company's customers include the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and many leading universities and private sector companies. DTI innovation is led by a dynamic team of twenty engineers, scientists, physicists, and other professionals holding graduate degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, astronautical engineering, and plasma physics. DTI's PowerMod&Mac250; technology is the recipient of a number of prestigious local and national awards, and is recognized as a true breakthough in the design of high power, lower cost pulse modulators and power supplies.

F.u.G Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1978 by Erich Fritz and Gerhard Giebichenstein, and today is one of the leading privately owned European companies for design, development and manufacture of high voltage, high precision power systems. The company is also certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 since 1964. The main catalogue contains more than 650 standard models of power units, ranging from 6.5 volts up to greater than 200 kV, and in power ranges from 7 W up to greater than 100 kW. Special, and customer specific power supplies are a very important part of the business. F.u.G has representatives in Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, USA and Canada.
have been designing and manufacturing high voltage capacitors at our factory in Northern Ireland since 1968. In the manufacture of our product we employ mixed dielectric technology. Our impregnant is a highly refined pure mineral oil. We do not use PCBs or other toxic material. Typical applications for our capacitors include X-ray power supplies; linear accelerators, laser; radar and pulse equipment; RF transmitters; railway traction and general high voltage power supplies.
At HIVOLT CAPACITORS LIMITED we specialise in the manufacture of custom built components. We produce small batch quantities and can supply on a one-off basis replacements for those difficult to source capacitors. Our flexible design approach has enabled us to become the leading UK producer of capacitors for almost every high voltage application.
The name of HIVOLT CAPACITORS LIMITED has become synonymous with quality for both product and efficiency of service. Our commitment to quality has been officially recognised since 1991 when we were awarded the International Standard Quality Certificate BS EN 9002. We ensure this standard is maintained by having quality audits carried out by external bodies.
Over the years HIVOLT CAPACITORS LIMITED has built an impressive loyal customer base. Our market which was once mainly located in the UK and Europe now stretches from the USA to Australia, Scandinavia to South Africa and more recently to Taiwan and Japan.
We look forward to expanding this customer base and satisfying any capacitor requirements you may have.
High Voltage Technology Group are developing a worldwide reputation as a specialist manufacturer and representative for high voltage and pulsed power technology. Headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, with manufacturing plants in Dunmow, England as well as the Chelmsford MA facility, the group specialise in the manufacture and development of high voltage interconnect systems and has expanded from this to include neutron shielding and fibre optic neutron detection products.

Essex X-Ray Ltd are also building a reputation for providing specialist high voltage interconnects for kicker circuits as well as interfaces on super power klystrons. The Brookvine Division of Essex X-Ray are developing and refining neutron detection and shielding products for spallation source applications. In addition the Brookvine Division has contributed considerably with purpose built cast resin assemblies for the interconnect product of Essex X-Ray.

Dielectric Sciences Division of The HVT Group at the Chelmsford MA facility, continue to influence the development of high voltage interconnects and cast resin products across the full spectrum of high energy physics applications, both in the USA and world wide. The founder of Dielectric Sciences and CEO of the HVT Group, Jerry Goldlust, still guides the development of the companies products throughout the group.

The HVT Division of Essex X-Ray helps bring together in the UK a group of suppliers who are at the forefront of technology in high voltage, pulsed power and high energy physics applications. These companies include:-
  • Stangenes Industries - High Voltage Pulse and Isolation transformers, plus pulse current transformers
  • Barth Electronics - High Voltage Attenuators and pulse resistive components
  • NWL Capacitors - Pulsed and DC Filter Capacitors from 2-300kV
  • HVCA-CKE - High Voltage Diodes, Rectifier Assemblies, Transient handling Selenium and MOV devices
  • Hitek Power Protection ( formally Holec ) - DC Current Transformers
  • T&M Research - Current Viewing Resistors
  • Titan Pulse Sciences ( Now including the former Maxwell Physics International ) - Pulsed Power Systems
is a world class manufacturer of electrical resistors. Based in Jarrow, North East England, since 1963, the company started out as Morganite Resistors and later became Allen-Bradley Electronics.
During the 1960's the company pioneered the development of a ceramic carbon resistor to replace conventional metal products in Extra High Voltage switchgear. Today ceramic carbon, high voltage, high energy, non-inductive resistors are used in electrical transmission systems throughout the world. Applications range from spark plugs to power stations.
The company was established as HVR International in April 1991 with the aim of expanding the range and variety of applications for ceramic resistors into new markets. The unique properties of the product in absorbing pulses of electrical energy offer protection to a wide range of electrical apparatus.
HVR is now the major supplier of ceramic carbon resistors to multinational corporations world-wide, and in some cases, the sole supplier.

has been manufacturing terminated broadband current transformers in the United Kingdom since 1995. The products facilitate the measurement of currents in the range 10mA to 50kA, 0.1Hz to 100MHz without electrical connection to the circuit under test. The instruments are particularly suited to the measurement of pulse currents which demand the accurate measurement of both low-frequency and high frequency harmonic components. The designs employ modern magnetic and resistive materials which enable the company to offer screened and terminated current transformers with high I-t capability, minimal phase shift and low droop without recourse to biasing or resetting techniques. Some transformers in the product of the product range are designed to operate satisfactorily in the presence of a significant dc component of current.
The company also produces a range of conventional current transformers where accurate measurement of harmonic components of a current waveform up to 100kHz is required.

Marconi Applied Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Solid-State, Free Electron Technology and Photonics-based products, supplying key components and systems to a diverse range of markets
For the Particle Accelerator community, no other company is able to provide such a wide range of products. From pulsed and CW klystrons, IOTs, RF windows, thyratrons and other high power switching devices, as well as power supply units through to state of the art large area CCD based energy resolving detectors, Marconi Applied Technologies is unique.
Marconi Applied Technologies has amassed over forty years experience in supplying klystrons, thyratrons and detectors into accelerator applications worldwide.

Pulse Power & Measurement Limited

Since the birth of the Company in the middle forties, O.C.E.M. S.p.a. has been focusing on the Research, Development and Production of electronics for industrial and laboratory research applications. The gamut of O.C.E.M.'s products, which covered products ranging from sophisticated high precision power supplies to uninterrupted power supplies for all applications, has been expanded in the early nineties into the airport lighting area. O.C.E.M.'s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in S.Giorgio di Piano, a small town near Bologna, Italy. This center is equipped with a modern laboratory for quality control, highly efficient machines, tools, computer controlled apparatus for shaping, milling, bending and pressing. O.C.E.M.'s sphere of influence in research and development and in the production area is quite diversified and it covers the following areas:
  • Power Supplies for Universities and Laboratories involved in plasma and particle physics.
  • A.C. Constant Current Power Supplies for airfield and street series lighting systems.
  • Automated Aerodrome Traffic Control and Monitoring Systems for safe and efficient movement of aircraft and vehicular traffic on the ground.
  • Airfield Lighting Systems for night and low visibility guidance of aircraft to, from and within airfields.

The quality of O.C.E.M.'s products, the efficiency of the services and the rapid expansion on the market are clue of a successful story.

Founded in 1961, Rittal has grown and developed into one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in the world.

Well known companies have developed strong partnerships with Rittal. Rittal's list of international customers includes some of the world's most successful companies in the industrial, electronic, telecommunication, and data communication industries. Our trucks are on the road daily delivering Rittal products from its 135 international distribution locations throughout the world and North America. Supported by the most modern computer technology and automation, Rittal manufactures a wide range of enclosures and accessories to provide the ultimate in protection and mounting capabilities-- there are more than 6,000 different products included in our offering, and literally hundreds of innovative new items added each year. What is unique about our product? The Rittal concept is a unique blend of smart engineering, cost efficiency, perfect protection and attractive design. Whether an industrial, electronic, data communication or telecommunication application, you'll find an ideal Rittal solution.


A complete range of electron tubes for scientific applications

THALES ELECTRON DEVICES (formerly Thomson Tubes Electroniques) is a long-standing supplier of sophisticated tubes for scientific applications. We offer either dedicated products such as gyrotrons and high-power klystrons, or products derived from our established range for broadcasting and telecommunications applications, such as medium-power klystrons, tetrodes, IOTs and diacrodes.

Nuclear Fusion
Thales Electron Devices teams up with several major research institutes to develop the sophisticated gyrotrons needed for experimental thermonuclear fusion facilities. It also supplies high-power klystrons and tetrodes operating in either continuous wave or long-pulse mode.

Ion sources
Thales Electron Devices offers a wide range of RF components and tubes for ion sources using electronic cyclotronic resonance (ECR), capable of satisfying the requirements of all laboratories working on the development of this promising accelerator technology.

Particle accelerators
Whether tetrodes, diacrodes, IOTs or klystrons operating in continuous wave or pulse mode, Thales Electron Devices offers a complete range of RF sources suited to all types of particle accelerators, in industrial, scientific or medical applications.

If you don’t see the exact product you need in our catalog, just send us your specifications, and we will work with you to develop a tailored solution.

At Thales Electron Devices, we’re also laying solid foundations for the future through a dynamic research and development program. We are constantly exploring new technologies and assessing new concepts to develop scientific apparatus at the cutting edge.

Global network of representatives
Thales Electron Devices deploys a dedicated sales & marketing team for scientific applications, backed by a worldwide network of experienced representatives. Just contact us for the name of your closest representative, and let him know what you need.

Valvo Bauelemente GmbH is a Germany based company, specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of ferrite components for microwave and rf applications. Initially part of the Philips Components group this business has 30 years experience in the design and production of standard and special ferrite devices.
When Philips closed its activity located in Hamburg, Valvo Bauelemente GmbH continues this circulator and isolator business and started 1999 as an independent company, only 100 meters off the former Philips location.
Our portfolio ranges from customized niche products to standard devices for:
  • broadcasting systems operating in frequency ranges between 50 Hz and 18 GHz
  • band I, III, IV and V VHF and UHF TV broadcasting systems
  • band II FM broadcasting systems
  • mobile and cellular radio base stations and paging systems
  • radio links
  • industrial heating

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