5th Modulator-Klystron Workshop
for Future Linear Colliders

CERN, PS Division, Geneva, 26-27 April 2001

Worskhop Chairman

Peter Pearce

Session Chairmen

Hans-Ulrich Boksberger, PSI

High Voltage and Energy Storage
Hans Braun, CERN
RF Systems & Components
George Caryotakis, SLAC Klystron Technology
Stefan Choroba, DESY Klystron Modulator Design-2
Betrand Frammery, CERN Measurement, Protection and Controls
Ron Koontz, SLAC Klystron Modulator Design-1
Eugène Vossenberg, CERN Switching Technology

Local Organising Committee

Workshop Secretariat

Brian Allardyce

Tony Fowler
Tjitske Kehrer
Gerry McMonagle
Peter Pearce (Chairman)

phone : + 41 22 767 2606
fax : + 41 22 767 9145

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